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Renewal and reexamination of public health license testing

According to the regulations on health administration in public places, detailed rules for the implementation of regulations on health administration in public places (Decree No. 80 of the Ministry of Health) and the administrative measures of Guangdong Provincial Department of health on the issuance of health licenses for public places, the operators of public places are required to extend the validity period of the hygiene license for public places and the review period of the license, which shall be issued to the original one 30 days before the expiration of the validity period If the central air-conditioning system is to be used within two years, the central ventilation system shall be provided with a test report within one year; if the central air-conditioning system has been used for a period of two years, an application shall be made for the inspection report of the central ventilation system.

Clients: there are 28 kinds of places in seven categories required by regulations on health administration of public places

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Detection category Test parameters
Public health inspection and testing Temperature, humidity, wind speed, illumination, noise, fresh air volume, Co, CO2, PM10, formaldehyde, ammonia, ozone, TVOC, benzene, toluene, xylene, total bacteria, fresh air, dust, total bacteria (air supply / dust), fungi (air supply / dust accumulation), hemolytic streptococcus (air supply / dust accumulation), Legionella pneumophila (air supply / cooling water / condensate water)


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